The Swaminarayan Temple 

In 1975, a temple was built for staff and craftsmen at Mahe Beach Hotel site, Port Glaud, so they could offer their daily prayers and the Heavens may bless the project. This shrine was later relocated from to Union Vale and was renovated in 1982 and blessed by Bhuj Mandir’s saints on June 29th, marking it as the Annual Patotsav Day, thereafter.

A new temple was later designed by a Seychellois Architect and reconstructed completely by Laxmanbhai & Co, with a spacious design, high-end finishes, eco-friendly features and a seating capacity for over 800 devotees. The temple also boasts a Sabha Mandap (meeting place) with an exceptional sound and lighting system.


Donation of SCR 3,207,230 during Covid-19

Laxmanbhai & Co. (Sey) Ltd’s, Social Initiatives

In addition to building numerous resorts, hotels, residential & commercial complexes, the company has also contributed logistically and through donations, supporting the country’s businesses and their needs viz.

Education Initiatives

Laxmanbhai & Co. have manufactured and donated furniture for schools, sponsored young innovator awards, robotic-challenge events and skill-development workshops to empower Seychelles’ youth.

Health Initiatives

They ensure complete medical attention and care for staff, including helping them receive urgent medical care in India. Regular Yoga Camps are sponsored to promote overall health and fitness.

Blood donation camps and other initiatives are organised in Seychelles, ensuring medical back-up and support; particularly in unforeseen circumstances like the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic, accidents, fires and floods. They funded the Les Mamelles Hospital’s Medical Clinic Block and donated an incinerator for Seychelles’ very first and only crematorium at Mont Fleuri, in 2014.

Cultural & Sports Welfare

Laxmanbhai and Co. (Sey) Ltd. takes an active involvement in sponsoring community and sports welfare initiatives; including Seychelles India Day celebrations, Indian Ocean Island Games and a swimming pool for an autonomous school. Prizes are sponsored regularly for sports day celebrations.

Funding and constructing temple complexes in Seychelles has been integral to their cultural-credo. Local festivals and religious events are also funded by them, in addition to maintenance and renovations of such structures.

Saints and revered priests are hosted regularly, to speak to the Indian community and Laxmanbhai & Co’s staff, given that they spend extended periods away from their family and home.

Environmental Stewardship

Laxmanbhai and Co. (Sey) Ltd. are diligent and strive to support the environment for all its projects.

Rain-water recycling is a standard norm for all  residential complexes they have built and is used for all landscaping and gardening requirements. Numerous solar panels they have installed help source power for their wood-workshops and commercial properties.