Laxmanbhai & Co Seychelles

Laxmanbhai & Co takes a client focused view of Seychelles hotel construction from detailed pre-planning and our use of the latest building techniques, design, civil engineering, contracting and management systems to the skilled artisan work you would expect from ‘the market leader’ in the field.

With 37 successful years of Seychelles based luxury hotel and commercial construction experience the focus at Laxmanbhai & Co always remains fixed on the successful completion of the project to the highest standards with professional contingency planning options and variation systems in place to cater to the client's needs.

Construction specialists

Having successfully completed dozens of projects throughout the Seychelles, Laxmanbhai’s broad portfolio of work includes examples of every conceivable construction challenge. Our variety of in-house trade specialists, fleet of heavy duty construction vehicles and impressive construction management track record allow us to tackle any project. Contact us to find out why Laxmanbhai is the logical choice for your next Seychelles construction project.


Examples Bedrooms

The great variety of bedrooms covered by Laxmanbhai's portfolio include the cool tiled and shuttered bedrooms of lemuria, the warm and cosy timbered bedrooms of Northolme, the luxurious, airy, ...

Tiling & Mosaic

Specialties Tiling & Mosaic

Due to geometric nature of tiling irregularities become self evident and Laxmanbhai provides the highest standard of tiling available in the Seychelles construction industry.  Many project ...

La Reserve

Projects La Reserve

La Reserve showcases Laxmanbhai's extensive expertise in timberwork, masonry and pools.  The bar and reception areas are particularly fine examples of Laxmanbhai's intricate timberwork.  ...

artisans & equipment

Artisans & Equipment

Importantly in the local context Laxmanbhai owns and operates a large fleet of it's own plant and equipment, earth moving machinery, trucks and cranes.