One of the trade mark construction techniques of the Laxmanbhai Co is the interlocking motarless-look-walls in the style of the lost civilisation of South America and Africa.  The signature of our work is the fine tolerance inter-locking of the granite in a non geometric pattern.  Laxmanbhai has also completed several geometric styled projects involving extensive granite masonry such as Maia.



Ornamental pond for effect and Style by Laxmanbhai
Volcanic pumice stone at the outdoor shower and spa
Multi level infinity pools area a feature on many of the Four Season Residential blocks
Natural granite has been used extensively together with mosaics to create a natural peaceful look
Mirror image 'His and Hers' bathrooms in granite and timber
View from a private deck
The pool-bar at Four Seasons in African theme
Rectilinear polygon pool lines at Four Seasons
Poolside men's bathroom - Four Seasons
Geometric shapes poolside at Four Seasons Seychelles
Children's wading pool
Pool bar area - Four Seasons
Main swimming pool terrace at Four Seasons
Oppulence in Timber and Stone
Water and Granite, line and form
Simple in form, complex in form
Natural form meets modern function in the Seychelles
Blending with the hillside itself
Accuracy in construction with mixed materials
Strong building techniques form a basis for the future
Metal rooves
The devil in the details
Granite Lintels and dark timber
Private Villas in the Jungle
Barclays Bank, Praslin
Children's paddle pool
Pool and bar area
Rafter detail on outside roof
main pool area
Groutless Masonry
Rough rock feature walls
rough finished feature walls
timber floors that go on forever
Lemuria room exteriors show a variety of Laxmanbhai's skills
With Laxmanbhai you can count on your first impression
Construction of attractive spacious areas with privacy assured
Open pool area below restaurant and bar
Laxmanbhai masonry expertise on show
Clever lighting placement creates an atmosphere
Unusual water features
Landscape architecture around a water feature
Grandeur in simplicity
Back to nature
A curved infinity horizon pool by the beach
Labyrinth or stone cutters maze behold the vision of it all.
In a decent into the very private space the illusion is first created
Pools spilling into pools to create hidden spaces
The water features draws the guest down and invites them in as if following a stream in the jungle itself
Is this hidden kingdom, a resort of a computer game
Splatter stucco rendered walls and granite stonework
Granite stonework and steps leading up to the master bedroom
An infinity horizon pool - where the guest swimming in the pool sees only the water - not the edge
Decorative ponds and fountains
Granite walls a feature
Bannana leaf thatching
Landscape architecture around a water feature
Castaway construction Robinson Crusoe style
Exposed timber ceilings used in Seychelles Resorts
Aztec splendor with an African theme
Grandeur in simplicity
Bedroom & Bathroom panorama at the Four Seasons
Granite Glass Timber & Marble bathroom outside the norm
Photo by impressions