Lighting has become a big part of modern resort construction providing the ambience and atmosphere with the resort when guests are in-house.  In ground lighting, up-lighting, hidden lighting, stip lighting, LED lighting, underwater lighting, solar lighting and adjustable mood lighting solutions all form part of the Laxmanbhai portfolio of works completed in the Seychelles.



The pool-bar at Four Seasons in African theme
Rustic dark timber hardwood construction
Pool bar area - Four Seasons
Poolside harem atmosphere required
Granite Lintels and dark timber
a 90 square meter Villa
Open edge shower at the Hilton
Th ereception desk of the Northolme Hilton built by Laxmanbhai
The Reception and set-down area of the Hilton Seychelles built by Laxmanbhai
The Hilltop restaurant built by Laxmanbhai
Les Cocotiers  An al fresco, a la carte restaurant at the Hilton seychelles built by Laxmanbhai
Les Cocotiers  An al fresco, a la carte restaurant at the Hilton seychelles built by Laxmanbhai
Oceanview Bar at the Northolme Hilton built by Laxmanbhai Seychelles.
A striking image of what can be achieved by the best builder of Resorts in the Seychelles - Laxmanbhai constructions
The entrance to the Spa at the Seychelles Hilton
open plan bathroom bedroom
open plan bathroom
Rough textured rendering
Extended eaves
Cathedral ceilings constructed to impress
Laxmanbhai uses contrast to attract attention
Clever lighting placement creates an atmosphere
Pool Lighting
Elevated decks
Elevated pathways a feature
Panorama - Scroll right-n-left to view
The bedroom by night - every light can be individually controlled by the butler
A clever combination of water features and night lighting
Extending the water feature to surround the resort at Sainte Anne
Landscape architecture in a water feature
Landscape architecture around a water feature
Timber meets stone at the poolside
Thatched rooves and poles - for effect
pool and patio area
Infinity pools are a specialty of Laxmanbhai
The Four seasons resort beachside pool
Underwater pool lighting, recessed stair lighting
Four Seasons day bar area
Photo by impressions