Joinery & Cabinet-making

Laxmanbhai operates a large factory in Victoria Mahe Island producing a wide range of detailed timber work to contract specification.  The portfolio of works includes bedroom and cupboard fixtures, bespoke reception desks, theme entrance doors and windows, panelling and wall trimming, pattern routing and detailed geometric timber screen construction.



A frame timber ceiling with exposed detail by Laxmanbhai Resort construction
A wide expanse of timber over the dining room and lounge four seasons Seychelles
Residential villas PA's bedroom at Four seasons
Hillside Villas at Four Seasons - Warm and inviting in rich coloured hardwoods
Commercial sized wide glass doors and windows
Scalloped timber floors, glass and mirrors in the private treatment room
A sunken marble spa bath on the edge of the forest
Mirror image 'His and Hers' bathrooms in granite and timber
The pool-bar at Four Seasons in African theme
Castaway Dining room African style
The Spa set high on the steep hillside at Four Seasons
The Yoga pavillion at Four Seasons Seychelles
A Geometric challenge in Spa Construction
8 separate Treatment rooms
Timber and Glass to perfection in the Seychelles
Warm light in the library
Hardwoods and granite in the jungle
The King Ocean front villa
a 90 square meter Villa
A King Hillside villa at Northholme
Timber detailing in the Hilton resort bedrooms
timber decks overhanging steep slopes a speciality
A black marble sink, beauty light and mirror
The Oceanview Bar & Restaurant at the Northolme Hilton built by Laxmanbhai
Timber decks, Mosaic columns and detailed architraves
Oceanview Bar at the Northolme Hilton built by Laxmanbhai Seychelles.
Detailed carved timber insets in the doors by Laxmanbhai Seychelles
The waiting area for guests arriving early at the spa
wooden fittings
timber cupboards
Rough rock feature walls
open plan bathroom bedroom
open plan bathroom
timber floor slats in shower
open plan bathroom with tiled entry
polished timber bar detail
Detail in all the fixtures
wood and marble bathrooms
Bifold doors above the spa offer a privacy choice
Lamuria - dark timber and copper
Laxmanbhai uses contrast to attract attention
Expert mansard roof construction
Masonry experts create mix and match crazy paving floors and walls
Open pool area below restaurant and bar
Laxmanbhai artisans are masters of multi material combos
a special dining space seating 9
Mosaic bathrooms with the spa
Detailed custom made doors
Laxmanbhai built the main dining area of the Maia Resort
The masterbedroom of the Ocean view villa built by Laxmanbhai Seychelles
Detailed joinery and fine floor finishes enhance the luxurious feel
Cabinet making skills on display
Parallel lines and walls with multi-level insets
Detailed timber work on the cupboards
A bespoke screen made for the reception area of MAIA
Large ceiling volumes create the effect
Where the butler hangs your clothes at MAIA - But who made the cupboard
Panorama - Scroll right-n-left to view
The atrium at the top of the Hill to the MAIA experience built by Laxmanbhai
Granite walls a feature
Detailed timber joinery and Marble basins
Precise cabinet making available
Timber detailing manufactured in the Seychelles by Laxmanbhai
Roof details - Bedroom
Timber skylight screen
Ceramic tiles and timber cornises at Sainte Anne Resort
Roof detail with white inset panels
Bevel Skylight ceiling with fan
Terracotta ceiling with exposed detail at Sainte Anne
Open air ambience at Sainte Anne
Extending the water feature to surround the resort at Sainte Anne
Timber used to maximum effect
Exposed timber ceilings used in Seychelles Resorts
Marble in the steam room
Lattice light feature in the Spa entrance
Timber and cream shades of paint
The door to the Kingdom - The details
Feature Ceilings
Bedroom & Bathroom panorama at the Four Seasons
Granite Glass Timber & Marble bathroom outside the norm
Photo by impressions