Concrete formwork used in starway construction, spiral staircases, Re-enforced concrete support pillars and steep site swimming pool construction all form a part of the Laxmanbhai portfolio of works.  In addition the traditional commercial building techniques requiring multi-floor formwork has been achived to construct banks, shops and government buildings.  A specialised aspect of this work includes elevated roadways constructed on extreme sloping ground common in the Seychelles.



An impossible view made accessible by an elevated roadway at Four Seasons
View from a private deck
Children's wading pool
8 separate Treatment rooms
Water and Granite, line and form
Simple in form, complex in form
Accuracy in construction with mixed materials
Metal rooves
Miniature Palaces by the Sea
Access to the top
Wow - Just look at the view
Constructed to maximise privacy and views
Close up aerial Maia Southersun- emphasis on villa privacy a high priority plus causing minimal impact on the natural environment
Mahe Berjaya Hotel  - one of Laxmanbhai's early projects (30 years ago).
Mahe Berjaya Hotel as viewed from above. Concrete works now 30 years old have succesfully endured the test of time.
THe Creole Spirit
Independence  House
Independence  House
Independence  House
Capital City House
Oliaji Trade Centre
Independence House
high density housing
Northolme King Ocean front Villas
The King Oceanfront villas of the Northolme hilton seychelles
Built to be a part of the forest - using the vegetation and trees to best effect - landscape gardens by Laxmanbhai
Small blocks of apartments to ensure privacy and quiet as well as great views for all
Undercover portecochere
Portecochere and Reception area
La Reserve Reception area
Bar and Restaurant entry
Bar area
refreshment area
Bridge over the pool to the sunken refreshment area
refreshment area
Roof construction detail
Laxmanbhai are masters at creating infinity pools
Cooled by infinity pool
Laxmanbhai is all about attention to detail
Natural look
Expert mansard roof construction
Masonry experts create mix and match crazy paving floors and walls
Multiple Infinity Pools
Elevated pathways
Elevated pathways a feature
The height creates the volume of the space
A pool in the jungle
A curved infinity horizon pool by the beach
The sunset pool bar - Concrete columns in papyrus styling
Concrete rendered pillars - custom made for MAIA - Every little detail counts is making the impressive whole
Thatching work in detail
An infinity horizon pool - where the guest swimming in the pool sees only the water - not the edge
Bi level infinity pool
Laxmanbhai is the leader in swimming pool construction in the Seychelles
Terraced swimming pool - multi-level design and construction
A large pool to create a grand entry statement by Laxmanbhai
Pool tiling and underwater lighting for effect in the Seychelles
Beachside resort restaurant at Sainte Anne Seychelles
Spilling out towards the beach
Grandeur in simplicity
Infinity pools are a specialty of Laxmanbhai
The Spa yoga pavillion
Photo by impressions