Decking & Timber-flooring

A key to Resort construction is the accurate and ornate construction of large elevated decked entertainment areas.  This portfolio displays the wide variety of timber decks and wooden floors completed in the Seychelles by Laxmanbhai.  In many instances the decks must integrate with the natural curves in the granited rock face.



A frame timber ceiling with exposed detail by Laxmanbhai Resort construction
A wide expanse of timber over the dining room and lounge four seasons Seychelles
Laxmanbhai Seychelles Specialising in wide load bearing beam designs
Geometric infinity horizon pool on steep ground
Scalloped timber floors, glass and mirrors in the private treatment room
Poolside decking and geometric angles in the jungle
View from a private deck
Rectilinear polygon pool lines at Four Seasons
Castaway Dining room African style
Geometric shapes poolside at Four Seasons Seychelles
Rustic dark timber hardwood construction
The Spa set high on the steep hillside at Four Seasons
The Yoga pavillion at Four Seasons Seychelles
Large timber floor spaces
A Geometric challenge in Spa Construction
8 separate Treatment rooms
Timber and Glass to perfection in the Seychelles
The main reception at Four Seasons Seychelles
Oppulence in Timber and Stone
Simple in form, complex in form
Warm light in the library
Natural form meets modern function in the Seychelles
Horizon pool on the west coast of the Seychelles
Large wooden decks built for pefect pools
Accuracy in construction with mixed materials
Strong building techniques form a basis for the future
Wide-spanned bedrooms spaces
Hidden lighting within the roof
Granite Lintels and dark timber
Wow - Just look at the view
The King Ocean front villa
A King Hillside villa at Northholme
Timber detailing in the Hilton resort bedrooms
Stained timbers for contrast
timber decks overhanging steep slopes a speciality
Pole-home style construction pinned to the hillside
The Hilltop restaurant built by Laxmanbhai
The Oceanview Bar & Restaurant at the Northolme Hilton built by Laxmanbhai
Timber decks, Mosaic columns and detailed architraves
The Oceanview Bar and Restaurant as seen from above
The Hilltop restaurant built by Laxmanbhai
esternal dining area of Northolme Hilton
Les Cocotiers  An al fresco, a la carte restaurant at the Hilton seychelles built by Laxmanbhai
Les Cocotiers  An al fresco, a la carte restaurant at the Hilton seychelles built by Laxmanbhai
A striking image of what can be achieved by the best builder of Resorts in the Seychelles - Laxmanbhai constructions
The entrance to the Spa at the Seychelles Hilton
Cantilevered wooden decks in the King hillside villas
Wooden bridge over the pool
Bridge over the pool to the sunken refreshment area
timber floor slats in shower
Timber floors and high ceilings impress
Extended eaves
treated timber pergola
Privacy at its best
one of Fisherman's Cove bar areas
Timber walkway between the sea and the pool
A terraced feel
Laxmanbhai is all about attention to detail
Laxmanbhai - experts in timber usage
Natural look
timber, timber everywhere ..
Laxmanbhai artisans are masters of multi material combos
Elevated balcony overlooking treetops for an endless sea view
No shape too difficult to achieve
Elevated decks
The high pitch roof and lanscape archtecture of the portico
The height creates the volume of the space
Scalloped timber flors and tribal roof lines
Labyrinth or stone cutters maze behold the vision of it all.
In a decent into the very private space the illusion is first created
The sunset pool bar at MAIA Seychelles
So this is how you build a pool bar in a tropical island for the very special and very wealthy guest. An atmosphere is created.
a special dining space seating 9
A Balinese spa in landscaped jungle
Thatching with a primitive allure
A good example of perfect alignment in the irregular spaces of the jungle itself
Non linear thatching to soften the line between the man-made and the natural elements
Attention to detail in the timberwork and tiling have lead to a luxurious look
The Gymnasium with an upmarket feel
Scalloped timber floors and complex roofing add to the majestic feel
Laxmanbhai built the main dining area of the Maia Resort
The sunset pool bar - Concrete columns in papyrus styling
A private deck at one of the Ocean view Villas north side
Panoramic view of the master bedroom of the MAIA ocean view rooms
Panorama of the views looking out
Detailed joinery and fine floor finishes enhance the luxurious feel
A detailed shot of the hand scalloped timber floor boards
Wooden decks over water
The villa deck by star light at night
Polished timber floors and terracotta tiles
Decorative pond and wooden decking
Centre distribution of the ceiling mass by Laxmanbhai
Polished timber floors around the bistro at Sainte Anne
Swimming pools and decorative pool construction
portion of the external dining area
A villa with a private pool at Sainte Anne
Wooden paths, timber columns and terracotta tiles around the pool
Sandy floors and rough hewn timbers
The entrance to the Spa at Sainte anne
Walways and water features below the palm trees of Sainte Anne
Ochre paint and polished timber floors prevail inside the treatment rooms of Sainte Anne
Forged metal brackets link timber to columns
The rooftop of the spa at Four Seasons Seychelles
Bedroom & Bathroom panorama at the Four Seasons
Photo by impressions