Tiling & Mosaic

Due to geometric nature of tiling irregularities become self evident and Laxmanbhai provides the highest standard of tiling available in the Seychelles construction industry.  Many project have specified entire swimming pools be lined with mosaic, or for the inlay of circular tiling compass rosettes in the floor.



Laxmanbhai Seychelles Specialising in wide load bearing beam designs
Recessed timber ceiling and mixed timber tiled flooring at Four seasons Residential Seychelles
Geometric infinity horizon pool on steep ground
A sunken marble spa bath on the edge of the forest
Spa bath in the jungle - built to impress by Laxmanbhai
Multi level infinity pools area a feature on many of the Four Season Residential blocks
Natural granite has been used extensively together with mosaics to create a natural peaceful look
Dual 'Infinity' Pools
Chef's kitchen
Poolside men's bathroom - Four Seasons
Children's wading pool
Poolside harem atmosphere required
Main swimming pool terrace at Four Seasons
Horizon pool on the west coast of the Seychelles
Metal rooves
sunken bath with corner window overlooking wrap around pool
The King Ocean front villa
The Hilltop restaurant built by Laxmanbhai
Th ereception desk of the Northolme Hilton built by Laxmanbhai
Timber decks, Mosaic columns and detailed architraves
The Reception and set-down area of the Hilton Seychelles built by Laxmanbhai
The Hilton Portico and entrance - Seychelles - built by Laxmanbhai
Oceanview Bar at the Northolme Hilton built by Laxmanbhai Seychelles.
Les Cocotiers  An al fresco, a la carte restaurant
Detailed carved timber insets in the doors by Laxmanbhai Seychelles
Main pool area with thatched reception area in the background
Wooden bridge over the pool
Children's paddle pool
La Reserve Reception area
Bar and Restaurant entry
Bar area
refreshment area
Pool and bar area
sea facing units
open plan bathroom bedroom
Superb views from rooms
polished timber bar detail
subtle timber detail in the bar
Rough textured rendering
Tile and pebble detail
Ceramic tiles
Smooth tiles, masonry walls, internal ponds
one of Fisherman's Cove bar areas
Large welcoming bedrooms
Imported tiles expertly laid
decorative infinity pools abound
Laxmanbhai are masters at creating infinity pools
With Laxmanbhai you can count on your first impression
Construction of attractive spacious areas with privacy assured
With Lamanbhai you can walk on water...
Cathedral ceilings constructed to impress
Laxmanbhai uses contrast to attract attention
Open pool area below restaurant and bar
Seychelles - infinity pools - Laxmanbhai.  They just belong together
Clever lighting placement creates an atmosphere
Grandeur in simplicity
In a decent into the very private space the illusion is first created
A pool and a puzzle to be explored
Pools spilling into pools to create hidden spaces
A Balinese spa in landscaped jungle
Retrospective styling and Plumbing with mosaics and inlaid details.
Attention to detail in the timberwork and tiling have lead to a luxurious look
Building a peacefull space
Reception to the spa at MAIA
A shower in the Seychelles jungle
Mosaic tiling by Laxmanbhai
Detailed mosaic tiling at MAIA resort and spa
Decorative ponds and fountains
The beauty in the details
Where the butler hangs your clothes at MAIA - But who made the cupboard
The atrium at the top of the Hill to the MAIA experience built by Laxmanbhai
Granite walls a feature
Timber detail throughout the bathrooms
Bi level infinity pool
Traditional mosaics ingeneously laid in curves
Bannana leaf thatching
upstairs from the main dining area
Ceramic Tiling artisans
Timber detailing manufactured in the Seychelles by Laxmanbhai
Ceramic tiles and timber cornises at Sainte Anne Resort
Sainte Anne Resort - Large bathrooms
White timber paneled ceilings in the Sainte Anne bathroom
The main pool at Sainte Anne
Pool tiling and underwater lighting for effect in the Seychelles
Beachside resort restaurant at Sainte Anne Seychelles
An ornamental pool with great effect
portion of the external dining area
A clever combination of water features and night lighting
Extending the water feature to surround the resort at Sainte Anne
Landscape architecture in a water feature
Landscape architecture around a water feature
Timber meets stone at the poolside
30 pools in 30 days
Black slate tiling
Wooden paths, timber columns and terracotta tiles around the pool
Exposed timber ceilings used in Seychelles Resorts
The Restaurant entrance to remember
Marble in the steam room
Forged metal brackets link timber to columns
Timber and cream shades of paint
45 degree diagonal tiling
pool and patio area
The underwater view of the Villa rooms private pools shows the quality of the tiling
Infinity pools are a specialty of Laxmanbhai
The Four seasons resort beachside pool
Underwater pool lighting, recessed stair lighting
Four Seasons day bar area
Timber basin plinths
Looking West to Africa across the Infinity horizon pool at Four Seasons
Photo by impressions