Steep pitched roofing, tiles, slate, thatching and ceramics are a few of the more common roofing mareials employed on Seychelles Resorts constructed by Laxmanbhai.  Many projects require the use of long spans of roofing without the clutter of mid-floor ground support columns.  This portfolio shows the extensive construction of timber roof sections in rooms and public spaces.



Balinese roof lines - Bespoke Steel construction by Laxmanbhai
Four Seasons Hotel as viewed from the Residential Villas showing steep sloping terrain
View from a private deck
The pool-bar at Four Seasons in African theme
Rectilinear polygon pool lines at Four Seasons
Castaway Dining room African style
Geometric shapes poolside at Four Seasons Seychelles
Rustic dark timber hardwood construction
Pool bar area - Four Seasons
Oppulence in Timber and Stone
Warm light in the library
Wide-spanned bedrooms spaces
Hidden lighting within the roof
Miniature Palaces by the Sea
Views over views
Private Villas in the Jungle
Wow - Just look at the view
Balanise roof lines in the Seychelles Jungle
Constructed to maximise privacy and views
Close up aerial Maia Southersun- emphasis on villa privacy a high priority plus causing minimal impact on the natural environment
Northholme Hilton showing the Spa and Hilltop Reastaurant in the foreground built at the waters edge
The true extent of the Four Seasons site is apparent from the air
Barclays Bank, Praslin
X and Y brackets are custom metalwork.
Independence  House
Independence  House
Independence House
Praslin Island Airport building
Praslin Island Airport building
high density housing
Tiling and timber
Multiple pitched roof tiles
The resort stands firm to the winds
Built to be a part of the forest - using the vegetation and trees to best effect - landscape gardens by Laxmanbhai
Cantilevered wooden decks in the King hillside villas
Small blocks of apartments to ensure privacy and quiet as well as great views for all
Portecochere and Reception area
La Reserve Reception area
Reception area
Bar area
Bar area
entry to bar and restaurant
Pool and bar area
Rafter detail on outside roof
internal pool bar area
Privacy at its best
one of Fisherman's Cove bar areas
Cathedral ceiling
Expert mansard roof construction
Elevated decks
The height creates the volume of the space
A High pitch roof with a massive volume
A pool and a puzzle to be explored
Pools spilling into pools to create hidden spaces
Attention to detail in the timberwork and tiling have lead to a luxurious look
Scalloped timber floors and complex roofing add to the majestic feel
Laxmanbhai built the main dining area of the Maia Resort
Panoramic views for a Prince
Thatching work in detail
Initially apearing at random each villa is meticulously placed for privacy
Sitting on concrete piers
Large ceiling volumes create the effect
upstairs from the main dining area
Terracotta ceiling with exposed detail at Sainte Anne
Pool tiling and patterns
Open air ambience at Sainte Anne
Castaway construction Robinson Crusoe style
Forged metal brackets link timber to columns
pool and patio area
The Four seasons resort beachside pool
Four Seasons day bar area
Photo by impressions