Laxmanbhai has completed many resort construction projects which feature extensive and elegant plumbing solutions.  Resorts are highly dependant on offering aquatic entertainment areas and all plumbing must be hidden yet reliable once buried or contained.  As the ratio of bathrooms to guests rises, the need for reliable plumbing is paramount.



Spa bath in the jungle - built to impress by Laxmanbhai
Poolside men's bathroom - Four Seasons
Bathrooms of glass and timber
sunken bath with corner window overlooking wrap around pool
Granite Lintels and dark timber
The King Ocean front villa
A wooden bathroom with an Ocean view
A black marble sink, beauty light and mirror
Open edge shower at the Hilton
timber floor slats in shower
open plan bathroom with tiled entry
Lamuria - dark timber and copper
Retrospective styling and Plumbing with mosaics and inlaid details.
Building a peacefull space
Bespoke plumbing solutions and stonework by Laxmanbhai
Night lighting of the MAIA villas personal spa bath by night
Marble bath surrounds
White timber paneled ceilings in the Sainte Anne bathroom
Timber basin plinths
Granite Glass Timber & Marble bathroom outside the norm
Photo by impressions