Maia Southern Sun

Maia Southern Sun is a unique project in Laxmanbhai's repertoire in that the specifications needed to change as the resort progressed so that privacy for each villa could be assured.  Laxmanbhai rose to the challenge of building this luxurious resort on the steep volcanic rock, whilst working together with the architects to ensure the optimum results.  As a result the site was widely spread over the difficult terrain of the peninsula, with steep slopes, and yet the integrity of the surrounds have been preserved so that each villa is surrounded by undamaged natural vegetation, enhanced by discreet landscaping.  Further eco conservation has been achieved by raised timber paths where possible, and careful construction around natures bounty, this is especially evident in the spa area.  Exquisite timber and concrete details add to the luxurious feel, especially when teamed up with the suite of individual horizon pools and external spa baths attributed to each villa.



Maia Southern Sun Hotel showing beach villas on the right and Ocean view villas on the left constructed on granite peninsula
Close up aerial Maia Southersun- emphasis on villa privacy a high priority plus causing minimal impact on the natural environment
The high pitch roof and lanscape archtecture of the portico
The height creates the volume of the space
A High pitch roof with a massive volume
Scalloped timber flors and tribal roof lines
A pool in the jungle
A curved infinity horizon pool by the beach
Labyrinth or stone cutters maze behold the vision of it all.
In a decent into the very private space the illusion is first created
A pool and a puzzle to be explored
Pools spilling into pools to create hidden spaces
The water features draws the guest down and invites them in as if following a stream in the jungle itself
Is this hidden kingdom, a resort of a computer game
The sunset pool bar at MAIA Seychelles
So this is how you build a pool bar in a tropical island for the very special and very wealthy guest. An atmosphere is created.
a special dining space seating 9
Splatter stucco rendered walls and granite stonework
A Balinese spa in landscaped jungle
Retrospective styling and Plumbing with mosaics and inlaid details.
Thatching with a primitive allure
Mosaic bathrooms with the spa
A good example of perfect alignment in the irregular spaces of the jungle itself
Non linear thatching to soften the line between the man-made and the natural elements
Attention to detail in the timberwork and tiling have lead to a luxurious look
Building a peacefull space
Reception to the spa at MAIA
Detailed custom made doors
A bespoke doorway in fortress styling by Laxmanbhai
The Gymnasium with an upmarket feel
Scalloped timber floors and complex roofing add to the majestic feel
Laxmanbhai built the main dining area of the Maia Resort
The sunset pool bar - Concrete columns in papyrus styling
A private deck at one of the Ocean view Villas north side
Panoramic views for a Prince
Panorama of the lower water deck infinity pool and spa
Looking back from the edge
Panoramic view of the master bedroom of the MAIA ocean view rooms
Panorama of the views looking out
The masterbedroom of the Ocean view villa built by Laxmanbhai Seychelles
Detailed joinery and fine floor finishes enhance the luxurious feel
Bespoke plumbing solutions and stonework by Laxmanbhai
A shower in the Seychelles jungle
An etched glass door to the toilet room
Cabinet making skills on display
Parallel lines and walls with multi-level insets
A detailed shot of the hand scalloped timber floor boards
Detailed timber work on the cupboards
Granite stonework and steps leading up to the master bedroom
Concrete rendered pillars - custom made for MAIA - Every little detail counts is making the impressive whole
A bespoke screen made for the reception area of MAIA
Thatching work in detail
An infinity horizon pool - where the guest swimming in the pool sees only the water - not the edge
Mosaic tiling by Laxmanbhai
Detailed mosaic tiling at MAIA resort and spa
Decorative ponds and fountains
Initially apearing at random each villa is meticulously placed for privacy
Built by Laxmanbhai this 6 Star resort offers the ultimate holiday for the very rich
Sitting on concrete piers
What's really amazing is looking over the edge or underneath
Large ceiling volumes create the effect
An individual pavilion for two - built by Laxmanbhai
The beauty in the details
Where the butler hangs your clothes at MAIA - But who made the cupboard
Wooden decks over water
Orinally designed without the 'safety fences' the spa appeared to float on water
can this really be true - is this a resort in Africa - or is this heaven on Earth
a vast bedroom from where to contemplate the views
Making the most of the views to the north at MAIA
Panorama - Scroll right-n-left to view
The bedroom by night - every light can be individually controlled by the butler
Night lighting of the MAIA villas personal spa bath by night
The villa deck by star light at night
The atrium at the top of the Hill to the MAIA experience built by Laxmanbhai
One perfect night there was a dream - in a far away place - MAIA
A 600mm paparazzi photographers view of the Villas at MAIA
A pool for two - Very Private - very special - Granite stonework and micro-tiles
The underwater view of the Villa rooms private pools shows the quality of the tiling
Aztec splendor with an African theme
Photo by impressions