Lémuria on Praslin, is set amongst undisturbed tropical lushness.  Although the terrain was difficult, the entire resort only took Laxmanbhai 18 months to complete and the surrounding vegetation was preserved throughout construction leaving the complex and gardens in harmonious accord.  Patterned timber flooring combined with internal wooden shutters and thatched roofing add to the private, undisturbed atmosphere.  Laxmanbhai constructed a connecting network of smooth paths, including complex curved and sloped areas, enabling easy access to the impressive dining/bar area.  The very high ceilings, layered horizon pools and waterfalls all combined with extensive mortarless natural rock paving.  This natural look and feel continues in the intricate walls surrounding the area.



Large welcoming bedrooms
Detail in all the fixtures
wood and marble bathrooms
Imported tiles expertly laid
Bifold doors above the spa offer a privacy choice
Lemuria room exteriors show a variety of Laxmanbhai's skills
Lamuria - dark timber and copper
Sliding doors to expansive views outside
Light and airy rooms
decorative infinity pools abound
Laxmanbhai are masters at creating infinity pools
Cooled by infinity pool
Laxmanbhai is all about attention to detail
Laxmanbhai - experts in timber usage
Natural look
With Laxmanbhai you can count on your first impression
Construction of attractive spacious areas with privacy assured
With Lamanbhai you can walk on water...
Cathedral ceilings constructed to impress
Laxmanbhai uses contrast to attract attention
timber, timber everywhere ..
Expert mansard roof construction
Masonry experts create mix and match crazy paving floors and walls
Open pool area below restaurant and bar
Laxmanbhai artisans are masters of multi material combos
Elevated balcony overlooking treetops for an endless sea view
Laxmanbhai masonry expertise on show
Seychelles - infinity pools - Laxmanbhai.  They just belong together
Cascading infinity pools
Clever lighting placement creates an atmosphere
Pool Lighting
Unusual water features
Landscape architecture around a water feature
Multiple Infinity Pools
Grandeur in simplicity
No shape too difficult to achieve
Simple yet bold
Back to nature
Elevated decks
Elevated pathways
Elevated pathways a feature
Photo by impressions