La Reserve

La Reserve showcases Laxmanbhai's extensive expertise in timberwork, masonry and pools.  The bar and reception areas are particularly fine examples of Laxmanbhai's intricate timberwork.  Throughout the resort there are many walls and flooring areas that show the detailed workmanship of the company's masonry workers.  These examples are often very large areas that show a complex meld of many sizes and shapes of stone, connected together with no evidence of mortar in sight.  The pool area is extremely large and has a bar with seating set within it as well as an enormous waterfall structure.  The pool appears to be split into many pools but in reality it is just one enormous structure with a few bridges over linking areas.  The entire pool area is a covered in a complex mosaic.



Small blocks of apartments to ensure privacy and quiet as well as great views for all
Main pool area with thatched reception area in the background
Wooden bridge over the pool
Children's paddle pool
Undercover portecochere
Portecochere and Reception area
La Reserve Reception area
Reception area
Bar area
Bar and Restaurant entry
Bar area
entry to bar and restaurant
Bar area
Children's paddle pool at La Reserve
Pool and bar area
refreshment area
Rafter detail on outside roof
Bridge over the pool to the sunken refreshment area
refreshment area
internal pool bar area
main pool area
pool area
Pool and bar area
Roof construction detail
wooden fittings
timber cupboards
main pool area
Groutless Masonry
Photo by impressions