Four Seasons residential

Four Seasons Private Residences Seychelles formed and integral part of the contract work undertaken at the site by Laxmanbhai.  Here the plan called for executive oversized features in scale including labyrinth styled rock wall enterences and narrow corridors of rising vertical stone work.  These residences feature epic scale horizon pools at each location, merging with rather than cut into the rock.  Extended load bearing beams are widely used and bathrooms feature sunken marble baths glazed to the jungle forest with large co-joined corner panels.  Polished timber floor boards are emphasised by white walls and ceilings.



Granite Glass Timber & Marble bathroom outside the norm
Bedroom & Bathroom panorama at the Four Seasons
Looking West to Africa across the Infinity horizon pool at Four Seasons
A frame timber ceiling with exposed detail by Laxmanbhai Resort construction
A wide expanse of timber over the dining room and lounge four seasons Seychelles
Balinese roof lines - Bespoke Steel construction by Laxmanbhai
Ornamental pond for effect and Style by Laxmanbhai
An impossible view made accessible by an elevated roadway at Four Seasons
Residential villas PA's bedroom at Four seasons
Laxmanbhai Seychelles Specialising in wide load bearing beam designs
Recessed timber ceiling and mixed timber tiled flooring at Four seasons Residential Seychelles
Geometric infinity horizon pool on steep ground
Hillside Villas at Four Seasons - Warm and inviting in rich coloured hardwoods
An African theme with 5 Star touch in an island Resort, Seychelles
Commercial sized wide glass doors and windows
Volcanic pumice stone at the outdoor shower and spa
Scalloped timber floors, glass and mirrors in the private treatment room
A sunken marble spa bath on the edge of the forest
Spa bath in the jungle - built to impress by Laxmanbhai
Poolside decking and geometric angles in the jungle
Multi level infinity pools area a feature on many of the Four Season Residential blocks
Natural granite has been used extensively together with mosaics to create a natural peaceful look
Dual 'Infinity' Pools
Mirror image 'His and Hers' bathrooms in granite and timber
Chef's kitchen
Horizon pool on the west coast of the Seychelles
Large wooden decks built for pefect pools
Blending with the hillside itself
Accuracy in construction with mixed materials
Strong building techniques form a basis for the future
Metal rooves
The devil in the details
Miniature Palaces by the Sea
Granite Lintels and dark timber
Balanise roof lines in the Seychelles Jungle
Constructed to maximise privacy and views
Four Seasons Residential Villas constructed on a remote hilly outcrop of granite.  Privacy and views a feature of the plan.
Four Seasons Residential.  Inifinity pools, privacy and extensive views a must.
Four Seasons Residential Villas enlarge founded on concrete columns anchored directly onto granite rock hill side
Photo by impressions