The Dining areas in the Laxmanbhai portfolio extend from the smaller, intimate but spectacular dining area at Maia to the enormous cool and fun area of Paradise Sun on Praslin.  Sainte Anne has a variety of Dining areas from the marble and water surround environs of the main dining area by the pool to the paradise of the Robinson Crusoe Restaurant right on the beach with spectacular views across the water of Victoria. Northolme extends its dining area to the large timber deck outside the main dining area overlooking the beach.  Lemuria has a large thatched open area, complimented by rich wooden floors and overlooking the cascading waters of their multilevel horizon pools.



The Hilltop restaurant built by Laxmanbhai
A frame timber ceiling with exposed detail by Laxmanbhai Resort construction
Elevated balcony overlooking treetops for an endless sea view
Smooth tiles, masonry walls, internal ponds
Ceramic tiles
entry to bar and restaurant
A striking image of what can be achieved by the best builder of Resorts in the Seychelles - Laxmanbhai constructions
Les Cocotiers  An al fresco, a la carte restaurant
The high pitch roof and lanscape archtecture of the portico
esternal dining area of Northolme Hilton
The height creates the volume of the space
Timber decks, Mosaic columns and detailed architraves
The Oceanview Bar & Restaurant at the Northolme Hilton built by Laxmanbhai
The Hilltop restaurant built by Laxmanbhai
Water and Granite, line and form
Rustic dark timber hardwood construction
Castaway Dining room African style
A wide expanse of timber over the dining room and lounge four seasons Seychelles
Les Cocotiers  An al fresco, a la carte restaurant at the Hilton seychelles built by Laxmanbhai
Polished timber floors and terracotta tiles
An elevated deck with views back to Victoria across the bay
portion of the external dining area
Open air ambience at Sainte Anne
Swimming pools and decorative pool construction
Laxmanbhai masonry expertise on show
Decorative pond and wooden decking
Cathedral ceilings with dormer windows
Laxmanbhai built the main dining area of the Maia Resort
Scalloped timber floors and complex roofing add to the majestic feel
a special dining space seating 9
Scalloped timber flors and tribal roof lines
A High pitch roof with a massive volume
Polished timber floors around the bistro at Sainte Anne
Photo by impressions