From the Air

Aerial photography of the Seychelles show how some of Laxmanbhai's projects are on a much larger scale than realised on the ground.  The terrain can be very steep and problematical with giant boulders existing in all the wrong places.  Laxmanbhai has proved to be up to the challenge and this can best seen when viewing the steep hillsides of Four Seasons.  Here you can appreciate the lie of the land as emphasised by the tall pillars needed to elevate the rooms to the required levels for privacy.  Maia displays its network of paths that lead to the each villa which has been strategically placed for privacy. 



High density housing - Isle Perserverence - Shared project amoung several contractors
Four Seasons Residential Villas with large infinity edge pools constructed with minimal impact on the surrounding terrain
Arial view showing the vast extent of the Four Seasons Hotel Hotel property and Private Resindential homes
Maia Southern Sun Hotel showing beach villas on the right and Ocean view villas on the left constructed on granite peninsula
Close up aerial Maia Southersun- emphasis on villa privacy a high priority plus causing minimal impact on the natural environment
Mahe Berjaya Hotel  - one of Laxmanbhai's early projects (30 years ago).
Mahe Berjaya Hotel as viewed from above. Concrete works now 30 years old have succesfully endured the test of time.
Northolme Hilton - Villas constructed on natural granite rocks at waters edge
Four Seasons Hotel as viewed from the Residential Villas showing steep sloping terrain
High Density Housing - Isle Perserverence - shared project with several contractors
The Wharf in the background with Eden Island Development (not constructed by Laxmanbhai) in front
St Anne Ressort constructed over an expansive area on an Island close to Mahe.  Preserving the eco structure was essential
St Anne Hotel close to the Island of Mahe. Preservation of the lush vegetation was a priority
Four Seasons Residential Villas constructed on a remote hilly outcrop of granite.  Privacy and views a feature of the plan.
Four Seasons Residential.  Inifinity pools, privacy and extensive views a must.
Four Seasons Residential Villas enlarge founded on concrete columns anchored directly onto granite rock hill side
The true extent of the Four Seasons site is apparent from the air
Fishermans Cove showing pool embedded in the beach and over water relaxation area
Northolme Hilton - individual villas featuring wooden slatted roofs, timber walls inside and out
Northholme Hilton showing the Spa and Hilltop Reastaurant in the foreground built at the waters edge
Photo by impressions