Technical & Detail

This section is the showcase of Laxmanbhai's projects - in detail.  All those wonderful finishing touches that add that bit of luxury and finesse to the resorts are shown here.



Chef's kitchen
upstairs from the main dining area
45 degree diagonal tiling
Feature Ceilings
Groutless Masonry
rough finished feature walls
Laxmanbhai artisans are masters of multi material combos
Grandeur in simplicity
Natural form meets modern function in the Seychelles
Elevated decks
La Reserve Reception area
refreshment area
Extended eaves
Lamuria - dark timber and copper
Cooled by infinity pool
Elevated pathways a feature
Laxmanbhai - experts in timber usage
Cantilevered wooden decks in the King hillside villas
Elevated pathways
The height creates the volume of the space
Labyrinth or stone cutters maze behold the vision of it all.
In a decent into the very private space the illusion is first created
Pools spilling into pools to create hidden spaces
Splatter stucco rendered walls and granite stonework
Custom made sheet metal rooves
An impossible view made accessible by an elevated roadway at Four Seasons
View from a private deck
Warm light in the library
Blending with the hillside itself
The devil in the details
Views over views
Access to the top
Private Villas in the Jungle
Wow - Just look at the view
X and Y brackets are custom metalwork.
Multiple pitched roof tiles
The resort stands firm to the winds
Detailed carved timber insets in the doors by Laxmanbhai Seychelles
Built to be a part of the forest - using the vegetation and trees to best effect - landscape gardens by Laxmanbhai
A detailed shot of the hand scalloped timber floor boards
Constructed to maximise privacy and views
Roof details - Bedroom
Detailed custom made doors
Where the butler hangs your clothes at MAIA - But who made the cupboard
Granite walls a feature
Ceramic Tiling artisans
Timber detailing manufactured in the Seychelles by Laxmanbhai
Timber skylight screen
Roof detail with white inset panels
Terracotta ceiling with exposed detail at Sainte Anne
Extending the water feature to surround the resort at Sainte Anne
Exposed timber ceilings used in Seychelles Resorts
Marble in the steam room
Forged metal brackets link timber to columns
Precise cabinet making available
Detailed timber work on the cupboards
Concrete rendered pillars - custom made for MAIA - Every little detail counts is making the impressive whole
A bespoke screen made for the reception area of MAIA
Thatching work in detail
An infinity horizon pool - where the guest swimming in the pool sees only the water - not the edge
The beauty in the details
Cabinet making skills on display
Mosaic tiling by Laxmanbhai
Detailed mosaic tiling at MAIA resort and spa
Decorative ponds and fountains
Sitting on concrete piers
Large ceiling volumes create the effect
Photo by impressions