Spas in the Seychelles are a delight to behold.  Maia offers a nature experience with open air treatment rooms, cunningly built for maximum privacy and enjoyment.  Paradise Sun offers a blend of painted shuttered rooms and external marble and deep timber bathrooms.  Sainte Anne offers gabled walls with timber floorways over an extensive relaxing fishpond arrangement. Four Seasons has a spectacular spa at the height of the resort with wide windows to take in the full vista - and then up the stairway with the Inca look stonework on the steep stone walls to the flat rooftop with timber decking and fishponds.



Detailed carved timber insets in the doors by Laxmanbhai Seychelles
The Spa set high on the steep hillside at Four Seasons
Attention to detail in the timberwork and tiling have lead to a luxurious look
Non linear thatching to soften the line between the man-made and the natural elements
A good example of perfect alignment in the irregular spaces of the jungle itself
Mosaic bathrooms with the spa
Thatching with a primitive allure
Retrospective styling and Plumbing with mosaics and inlaid details.
A Balinese spa in landscaped jungle
Exposed timber rafters
Reception to the spa at MAIA
The waiting area for guests arriving early at the spa
Detailed custom made doors
Custom made glass doors and Windows
The entrance to the Spa at the Seychelles Hilton
Timber and Glass to perfection in the Seychelles
8 separate Treatment rooms
A Window to the West
A Geometric challenge in Spa Construction
Large timber floor spaces
A polished timber ceiling
The Yoga pavillion at Four Seasons Seychelles
Tile and pebble detail
Forged metal brackets link timber to columns
Marble in the steam room
Ochre paint and polished timber floors prevail inside the treatment rooms of Sainte Anne
Walways and water features below the palm trees of Sainte Anne
A modest pool at the Spa of the Sainte Anne resort
The entrance to the Spa at Sainte anne
Building a peacefull space
Lattice light feature in the Spa entrance
Night lighting of the MAIA villas personal spa bath by night
can this really be true - is this a resort in Africa - or is this heaven on Earth
Orinally designed without the 'safety fences' the spa appeared to float on water
Wooden decks over water
Looking back from the edge
Panorama of the lower water deck infinity pool and spa
The Gymnasium with an upmarket feel
A bespoke doorway in fortress styling by Laxmanbhai
Photo by impressions