30 pools in 30 days - when the request was made Laxmanbhai rose to the challenge and not only met the task but managed to create 30 pools with horizon edges on all four sides - just beautiful.  Four Seasons have some their most spectacular pools in the Private Residences with massive horizon pools on several levels and beatiful cascading waterfalls between.  Large boulders in the way- no problem, they become part of the design.  Maia has a selection of pools each villa - shallow with a loungers in the middle, marble structures to use as a bath and deep horizon pools hanging over the edge of the world with spectacular views.



Natural look
Children's paddle pool at La Reserve
Pool and bar area
refreshment area
main pool area
pool area
Pool and bar area
main pool area
Timber walkway between the sea and the pool
A pool in the jungle
Laxmanbhai are masters at creating infinity pools
Main pool area with thatched reception area in the background
With Laxmanbhai you can count on your first impression
Open pool area below restaurant and bar
Seychelles - infinity pools - Laxmanbhai.  They just belong together
Cascading infinity pools
Pool Lighting
Landscape architecture around a water feature
Multiple Infinity Pools
No shape too difficult to achieve
Ornamental pond for effect and Style by Laxmanbhai
decorative infinity pools abound
Water and Granite, line and form
Laxmanbhai Seychelles Specialising in wide load bearing beam designs
Geometric infinity horizon pool on steep ground
Poolside decking and geometric angles in the jungle
Multi level infinity pools area a feature on many of the Four Season Residential blocks
Natural granite has been used extensively together with mosaics to create a natural peaceful look
Dual 'Infinity' Pools
Rectilinear polygon pool lines at Four Seasons
Geometric shapes poolside at Four Seasons Seychelles
Children's wading pool
Children's paddle pool
Main swimming pool terrace at Four Seasons
Wooden bridge over the pool
Horizon pool on the west coast of the Seychelles
Large wooden decks built for pefect pools
Blending with the hillside itself
Strong building techniques form a basis for the future
Metal rooves
sunken bath with corner window overlooking wrap around pool
Miniature Palaces by the Sea
Balanise roof lines in the Seychelles Jungle
The Hilton swimming pool on a stormy afternoon in the Seychelles - built by Laxmanbhai
A curved infinity horizon pool by the beach
Poolside harem atmosphere required
A modest pool at the Spa of the Sainte Anne resort
Underwater pool lighting in the Seychelles Sainte Anne
A clever combination of water features and night lighting
Extending the water feature to surround the resort at Sainte Anne
Landscape architecture in a water feature
Landscape architecture around a water feature
Timber meets stone at the poolside
30 pools in 30 days
More pools are better than one
A villa with a private pool at Sainte Anne
A pool for two - Very Private - very special - Granite stonework and micro-tiles
Wooden paths, timber columns and terracotta tiles around the pool
Nothing can surpass the effect of large swimming pool in a seychelles Resort
pool and patio area
The underwater view of the Villa rooms private pools shows the quality of the tiling
Aztec splendor with an African theme
Infinity pools are a specialty of Laxmanbhai
The Four seasons resort beachside pool
Underwater pool lighting, recessed stair lighting
Four Seasons day bar area
Black slate tiling
Bi level infinity pool
A pool and a puzzle to be explored
The water features draws the guest down and invites them in as if following a stream in the jungle itself
Panorama of the lower water deck infinity pool and spa
Looking back from the edge
Granite stonework and steps leading up to the master bedroom
An infinity horizon pool - where the guest swimming in the pool sees only the water - not the edge
Decorative ponds and fountains
What's really amazing is looking over the edge or underneath
can this really be true - is this a resort in Africa - or is this heaven on Earth
An ornamental pool with great effect
Night lighting of the MAIA villas personal spa bath by night
Spilling out towards the beach
Traditional mosaics ingeneously laid in curves
Attention to detail in the curved edges
Decorative pond and wooden decking
Laxmanbhai is the leader in swimming pool construction in the Seychelles
Terraced swimming pool - multi-level design and construction
The main pool at Sainte Anne
A large pool to create a grand entry statement by Laxmanbhai
Pool tiling and underwater lighting for effect in the Seychelles
Beachside resort restaurant at Sainte Anne Seychelles
Looking West to Africa across the Infinity horizon pool at Four Seasons
Panorama - Scroll right-n-left to view
Photo by impressions