It would seem that there is no external construction type that Laxmanbhai does not excel at.  Maia shows off the complex sloping volcanic brick wall below the horizon pool, creating a dark impressive waterfall.  The Oliaji Trade Centre and the Central bank are impressive examples of their glazing.  Northolme boasts a meld of different timbers on the external walls of the villas, whilst the timber shingles add to the eco look. The Praslin Airport building has an impressive prepainted steel roof structure.  Lemuria combines granite walls with thatched ceilings and marble stairs.



Praslin Island Airport building
The King Oceanfront villas of the Northolme hilton seychelles
Praslin Island Airport building
high density housing
Stained timbers for contrast
timber decks overhanging steep slopes a speciality
Balinese roof lines - Bespoke Steel construction by Laxmanbhai
Ornamental pond for effect and Style by Laxmanbhai
Volcanic pumice stone at the outdoor shower and spa
Children's wading pool
Simple in form, complex in form
Hardwoods and granite in the jungle
Miniature Palaces by the Sea
Private Villas in the Jungle
Constructed to maximise privacy and views
Barclays Bank, Praslin
Tiling and timber
THe Creole Spirit
Independence  House
Independence  House
Independence  House
Capital City House
Oliaji Trade Centre
One perfect night there was a dream - in a far away place - MAIA
Pole-home style construction pinned to the hillside
Roof construction detail
Rendered walls
Cathedral ceiling
A terraced feel
decorative infinity pools abound
Back to nature
In a decent into the very private space the illusion is first created
Is this hidden kingdom, a resort of a computer game
Initially apearing at random each villa is meticulously placed for privacy
Sitting on concrete piers
Portecochere and Reception area
A 600mm paparazzi photographers view of the Villas at MAIA
A villa with a private pool at Sainte Anne
Castaway construction Robinson Crusoe style
Thatched rooves and poles - for effect
pool and patio area
The Spa yoga pavillion
The rooftop of the spa at Four Seasons Seychelles
Built by Laxmanbhai this 6 Star resort offers the ultimate holiday for the very rich
The resort stands firm to the winds
Built to be a part of the forest - using the vegetation and trees to best effect - landscape gardens by Laxmanbhai
Not to forget the massive granite rocks blending in everywhere
Looking West to Africa across the Infinity horizon pool at Four Seasons
Small blocks of apartments to ensure privacy and quiet as well as great views for all
Photo by impressions